1. Add cell phone to note pad query result

  2. Add Cellphone to the notepad Query. Im trying to make a Excel Sheet for Birdeye and there's only home phone number. Very few people use home

  3. be able to print a batch of patient registration update forms from the notepad query

  4. Add Insurance Manager to OMS VISION

  5. periocharting  ·  Rejected

  6. NOTEPAD: Query all fields in DVE, database dictionary, tx plan items/options/fields/  ·  Released

  7. HIPPA: user access report  ·  Needs Clarification

  8. Insurance Profile spaces

  9. Add a pop up note when entering invalid data  ·  Rejected

  10. fill out medical claim forms properly according to the National Uniform Claim Committe  ·  Existing Functionality

  11. add bridge to MedXCom answering service

  12. This is more than an idea. This is an essential component of ClinicalVision, that mysteriously has been altered with the latest version.

  13. To have a responsible party section for patients that are over 18 but the parents pay for treatment.

  14. HD - tabulated report needs option to sort by location, transaction location and provider

  15. Treatment Plan - printed report includes all treatment types regardless of filter settings  ·  Closed

  16. Include ALL TREATED patients in REFERRER FINANCIAL REPORTS.  ·  Released

  17. Doctor's on-call  ·  Rejected

  18. Send a letter to referring docs without a patient attached

  19. The Ability to add folders/organize PT's Documents  ·  Existing Functionality

  20. Enable the deleting or editing a date of the perio chart

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